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Reach your sales goals with ease and motivation .
Give your team the tools and the confidence to feel the ultimate feeling of empowerment.


This dynamic training will give your team actionable tools and ability to put them in action “tomorrow morning”.

It is 100% customizable to the needs of your team. You just have to choose the modules that best suit your team.

Make sales instead of making a sale

Understand the place of a customer's long-term value in the sales process (CLV)

"It's too expensive": How to increase the perceived value of your offer

Techniques to increase the perceived value of your offer

A first impression that has IMPACT

The first contact and the "elevator pitch"

Optimize networking

Understand the art of networking and best practices

Persuasive communication and getting customer engagement

Persuasive Communication Techniques

Customer objection as a springboard to a lasting relationship

Handling objections and dealing with high resistance customers.

Breaking the virtual barrier

Maintaining a business relationship remotely

Team motivation and empowerment

The mindset of business development ("sales mindset")

Find and qualify new leads

Market exploration and prospecting

Negotiate to optimize the commercial agreement

Negotiation and the art of asking good questions

Efficiency: What are your time wasters?

Organize your business development to get the best return on your time invested.

Achieve your goals through social media

"Social selling", where selling on social networks (LinkedIn, etc.)

Modules available

The opinion of our customers

Portrait de Marie-Elyse Forget

Marie-Elyse Forget, M.Sc.

Certified Trainer, Consultant and Founder

I believe that the success of knowledge sharing and professional development depends on open-mindedness and collective learning, on the richness of diversity and the rich experiences of each.

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