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Professional Coaching


Marie-Elyse donne un coaching sur le persona-archétype en marketing

Discover your potential, optimize your sales results.

This individual coaching offer is designed to provide significant benefits to professionals seeking career advancement and determined entrepreneurs looking to maximize their business performance.

Explore your possibilities, discover your potential, and reach heights you never thought possible. We understand that each individual is unique, which is why our approach is fully tailored to your specific needs.

Transform your ambitions into reality

Together, we shape your path to success. Discover how I can contribute to your growth and professional fulfillment through the following expertise:


Business Development

Maximize your growth potential and explore new business opportunities.


Presentation Skills

Refine your communication skills for impactful and memorable presentations.



Optimize your LinkedIn profile to strengthen your online professional presence.


Marketing Strategy and Persona Development

Craft effective marketing strategies by understanding your target audience through the use of personas.


Marketing Plan Design

Benefit from the support of a marketing expert to develop your marketing plan.

Your coach

Marie-Elyse Forget, M.Sc.

Author, speaker and trainer

Discover Marie-Élyse Forget's distinctive coaching approach, where each participant emerges not only enriched with knowledge but also motivated and prepared to tackle seemingly impossible challenges.

Passionate about equity, diversity, and inclusion, she integrates these foundational principles into every service offered.

As an experienced coach, Marie-Élyse collaborates with you to enhance your skills and unleash your potential. She is acclaimed by peers and students alike for her exemplary coaching and personal development practices.

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