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Capoeira Beats

Develop your business relationships

"Teambuilding" and training through capoeira

Certified trainer - Act to promote the development and recognition of workforce skills (1% law)

Help your teams find motivation and empowerment !

  • State of mind (your “ mindset ”) of business development

  • Your presentation (“ elevator pitch ”)

  • Inspiration for your effective prospecting

  • Preparation tool for a sales meeting that will ensure your credibility and self-confidence

Fun and unconventional training aimed at improving your confidence , motivation and business development skills . Participants have the chance to do traditional learning and participate in scenarios in movement and music with the renowned mestre Peninha Melo, master of Brazilian martial arts, entrepreneur and founder of the school Équipe Capoeira Brasileira in Montreal through a martial art called capoeira.

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art and is part of the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity (UNESCO, 2014). As this art was designed to communicate and create human connections, we have a lot to learn about this practice when talking about business development and business relationships.

Marie-Elyse Forget, M.Sc.

Business Development and Marketing Specialist

Lecturer at HEC Montreal

Founder of Octaza Marketing

Logo de Octaza Marketing en rouge

Peninha Melo

Brazilian martial arts master

Founder of the martial arts school Équipe Capoeira Brasileira

Logo de Mestre Peninha

Let's work together!

438 388-0155

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