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CX Customer Experience Audit and Plan
For service and retail

Every business these days wants good customer service. But have you clearly defined what that means for you? Do you have your CX vision?

Let us audit your customer experience, create a CX plan and train your staff.

Define your CX vision and put it into action.

Issues addressed

Improve customer satisfaction

Put yourself at the forefront of customer experience and become a benchmark in your field.

Standardize the customer experience and know how to make the right diagnosis quickly.

How ?

Mysterious customer.

Conceptualization and analysis of the customer journey in order to dissect it and determine the benefits sought and the difficulties experienced by your customers in order to create value

Context analysis

Internal analysis of your company


Delivery of :

  • A guide to customer experience

  • A poster of your customer journey

  • Tailor-made training on YOUR customer experience plan

  • Self-assessment tools for your staff

  • Planning follow-up activities to do during your team meetings

  • Employee engagement plan

Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty!

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