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New ! Using and Creating The Persona Training

This training is eligible in regards to the 1% law.

The persona ... The method we often hear about. One that looks so simple, but deep down can turn into dangerous grounds if misused.

The persona can answer many of your questions, but they can also mislead you! Make sure your teams know how to safely extract the right customer insights.

For whom ?

  • Marketing teams

  • HR teams in recruitment

  • Communication teams


Learn to create and use the persona in order to extract the right customer insights that will allow you to surpass your goals.


  • Why create and use personas?

  • How to make better decisions using the persona? How to mobilize teams using the persona?

  • What are the pitfalls to avoid when creating and using persona?

  • What is the difference between information coming from data and information coming from intuition? Can I use both? Under what circumstances should they be used?

  • How do I create my persona (s)?

Persona creation is a very popular method in many fields, including information technology (IT), marketing, communications, human resources and more! On the other hand, very few people know how to create good personas and how to put them to good use. This training aims to make the use of the "safe" and optimal method.


Marie-Elyse Forget, M.Sc.

  • Over 10 years of experience in marketing

  • Lecturer at HEC Montreal and McGill University

  • Certified trainer approved by the Commission des partenaires du marché du travail (1% law)

  • Founder of Octaza Marketing

Are you interested in this training? Book an exploratory meeting with us! or here:


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