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How Many Personas Should I Create?

One of the first questions businesses face when starting to create personas is: how many do we need? This question is crucial because it directly impacts your marketing strategy and your ability to meet the specific needs of your customers.


Why Speaking to Everyone Means Speaking to No One

Some companies adopt a mass marketing approach, hoping that a single message can satisfy the entire market. However, this method has its limitations. By trying to please everyone, you often end up not addressing anyone’s specific needs, which diminishes the perceived value of your offer and, consequently, your sales.


The Importance of Adaptation: Making Your Marketing More Relevant

To remain relevant to your target audience, you need a marketing plan for each persona. But do you have the capacity to manage this? How many different marketing plans can you realistically handle? Few companies can meet every different need of their potential personas. You will have to make a choice. One? Two? Three? It’s up to you. Sometimes, it is more prudent to start with one segment, make it profitable, and then invest in a second segment later.


The Advantages of Focusing on a Single Segment

Some companies choose to focus on a single small segment, a strategy known as niche marketing. For example, a company specializing in the restoration of vintage trailers in Quebec can excel by focusing on this niche market where competition is low and demand is specific. This approach can be very profitable!


Asking the Right Questions to Choose the Right Persona

To determine which segment to target and how many personas to create, it’s important to ask the right questions:

  • Is there a “fit” between my persona and my business?

  • Is the segment large enough?

  • Is it growing?

  • Is there a lot of competition?

  • Is this segment accessible in terms of communication and distribution?

How much will you need to invest to adapt your offer to this segment?

Analyzing these factors helps evaluate the potential profitability of each segment.



In summary, the answer to the question, “how many personas should I create?” depends on your ability to effectively segment your market and meet the specific needs of each group. If you have the resources, you can opt for multiple personas to better target your customers. Otherwise, it might be more advantageous to start with one or two well-chosen segments and then expand your reach over time. The goal is to maximize the perceived value for each segment, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and sales.


Want to learn more about choosing and creating personas? Book a speaking event or training now!


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