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Consulting services



Lasting results.

You don't identify with traditional marketing methods but still want to take action?

Our authentic and relevant methods are, without a doubt, for you.

Our mission in marketing consulting is to define and implement a marketing strategy that will maximize your performance.

"I manage a company and I want to..."

Optimize your return on marketing investment, make better choices

Segmentation and targeting audit, creation of archetypal persona

Obtaining positive results following a marketing tactic depends first and foremost on the quality of the upstream marketing strategy.

Stop your useless efforts, and opt for a strategy that will bring you lasting results.

A constant, differentiating and strong brand impact.

Brand image and brand strategy ("branding")

The brand goes far beyond the logo and the choice of colors; it is the identity of your company, what sets it apart. The brand has an important role to play in the positioning of a company, since it influences the perception and place we take in the minds and hearts of consumers.

Aim for consistency for a constant, differentiating and strong brand impact.

Define your CX vision and implement it.

CX Customer Experience Audit and Plan for Service Businesses and Retail

Every business these days wants good customer service. But have you clearly defined what that means for you? Do you have your CX vision?

Let us audit your customer experience, create a CX plan and train your staff.

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