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Retail Customer Service: Elevate your customer experience to a distinctive level.

An immersive customer service-focused training, where our trainer uses a mystery shopper visit to inspire relevant discussions and strategies throughout the journey.

Your Course

Before the training, our instructor will conduct a mystery shopper visit to your store. She will evaluate her experience and use it as a foundation to inspire discussions and strategies on customer service throughout the training.

This personalized approach ensures that the examples and advice shared during the training are directly applicable to your specific business environment. Join us to benefit from an interactive and practical training, anchored in the reality of your own company, to significantly enhance your approach to customer service and optimize your sales performance.

Who is it for?

Retail workers

What you will accomplish

-Cultivating a winning mindset to deliver exceptional customer service.
-Understanding the impact of a positive first impression.
-Mastering non-verbal strategies to strengthen communication.

Course Content

Before the workshop: Mystery shopper visit

Module 1 - Understanding the importance of customer experience and its role within it: Exploring the fundamental principles of customer experience and fostering a positive attitude.

Module 2 - First impressions and the significance of non-verbal communication: Examining non-verbal cues and their impact on customer relationships.

Module 3 - Complaint management: Learning effective techniques to handle complaints and customer dissatisfaction, and turning negative situations into opportunities for building loyalty.

Module 4 - Emotion and difficult customer management: Developing strategies to manage personal emotions while maintaining service quality, and adopting approaches to effectively handle interactions with challenging customers.

Your instructor

Marie-Elyse Forget, experte en pédagogie et figure influente dans le développement des affaires, offre des formations interactives et dynamiques qui stimulent l'apprentissage. Son approche méticuleuse dans le marketing stratégique et les relations d'affaires garantit la satisfaction et la fidélité des clients. Avec des collaborations prestigieuses, notamment avec HEC Montréal, l'Université McGill et d'autres organisations renommées, Marie-Elyse apporte une expertise éprouvée pour inspirer la croissance et le succès de votre entreprise.

"This training has changed my perspective on how to approach customers. I highly recommend it!"

Participant in the Innovation and Customer Experience (CX) training.

Register now to discover how this training can transform your CX into a distinctive element that attracts and retains your clientele.

Our custom training sessions are delivered via webinar, at your business, or at our offices at 1200 Saint-Martin West, Laval.

The training is available in conference format, half-day, or full-day sessions. Interactive case exercises, group discussions, and practical exercises for immediate application are included.

Choose Octaza Marketing for training that inspires action.

These training sessions may be eligible for Emploi Québec subsidies. Our instructor is certified by the Commission des partenaires du marché du travail (Loi du 1%).

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