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"Pitch Perfect": Elevate your presentations to the opportunity level!

You have the perfect solution, but it will only be recognized at its true value if you can present it flawlessly (Wardle, 2021). "Pitch Perfect" is specially designed to help you maximize the impact of your presentations, ensuring that your brilliant idea is not overlooked.

Your Course

Through real-life cases and key concepts, you'll refine your presentation skills by learning to breathe life into every word, emphasize crucial elements, and strategically channel your energy. You'll discover how to tailor your presentation to your audience, structure your speech with storytelling and logic, and craft memorable opening and closing impressions. Additionally, you'll learn to develop visual aids that enhance rather than detract from your presentation.

Who is it for?

This training is aimed at any professional looking to enhance their presentation performance.

What you will accomplish

-Give meaning to every word spoken.
-Emphasize crucial elements.
-Channel your energy effectively.

Course Content

Presentation and Its Context

  • Understanding the importance of effective presenting
  • Differentiating between a presentation in an internal context, a sales context, and an elevator pitch
  • Understanding your audience for maximum impact

Knowing How to "Pitch" Before You Pitch

  • Choosing which elements to present based on your audience
  • Structuring a presentation: utilizing storytelling and logic
  • Making the first and last impressions impactful
  • Developing visual aids that enhance rather than overshadow your message

Developing Presentation Skills

  • Ensuring every statement holds significance
  • Emphasizing key elements effectively
  • Harnessing your energy for optimal delivery

Practice to Achieve the Objective

  • Guided practice of a presentation where the trainer and other participants provide feedback based on a provided template

Developing the Right Mindset

  • Managing stress through proven techniques
  • Maintaining authenticity under pressure
  • Building self-assurance to foster self-influence, confidence, and overcome stage fright

Your instructor

Marie-Elyse Forget, experte en pédagogie et figure influente dans le développement des affaires, offre des formations interactives et dynamiques qui stimulent l'apprentissage. Son approche méticuleuse dans le marketing stratégique et les relations d'affaires garantit la satisfaction et la fidélité des clients. Avec des collaborations prestigieuses, notamment avec HEC Montréal, l'Université McGill et d'autres organisations renommées, Marie-Elyse apporte une expertise éprouvée pour inspirer la croissance et le succès de votre entreprise.

"Vibrant and lively as well great content."

Robert Ranger, Operations Manager, SDI Canada

Empower your team with the skills for memorable pitches. Contact me now to discuss the details and ensure the success of your next event.

Our custom training sessions are delivered via webinar, at your business, or at our offices at 1200 Saint-Martin West, Laval.

The training is available in conference format, half-day, or full-day sessions. Interactive case exercises, group discussions, and practical exercises for immediate application are included.

Choose Octaza Marketing for training that inspires action.

These training sessions may be eligible for Emploi Québec subsidies. Our instructor is certified by the Commission des partenaires du marché du travail (Loi du 1%).

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