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The Revealing Power of Archetypal Personas in Marketing

Discover how to define your target audience and uncover their hidden motivations, latent needs, and deep aspirations, thereby transforming your marketing approach.

Your Course

This marketing persona archetype training will lead you through defining and understanding your target audience, identifying the best opportunities to concentrate your resources, and optimizing the return on investment of your marketing tactics.

Based on the method presented in the book "Le persona-archétype en marketing - Un guide centré sur l'humain pour des résultats marketing durables ". Join this strategic session to transform your marketing approach and maximize your business results.

Who is it for?

Whether you're a seasoned professional seeking to fine-tune your tactics or an ambitious entrepreneur aiming for a compelling marketing strategy, this training offers you the key to unlocking the untapped potential of your target audience.

What you will accomplish

-Understanding how to build a marketing persona.
-Integrating this tool into your corporate culture for a successful synergy.
-Making better marketing decisions to optimize your ROI.

Course Content

Selecting Target Audiences Based on Profit Potential: Learn how to identify the most lucrative market segments by assessing revenue potential. Explore methods to prioritize targets that offer the best return on investment.

Understanding Your Target Audience and Building the Archetypal Persona: Delve into research and analysis strategies to understand your target audience. Discover how to gather relevant data and construct personas that represent your ideal customers.

Utilizing Personas in Your Marketing Strategies: Explore effective methods to integrate personas into your marketing strategies to maximize the relevance and impact of your campaigns. Learn how to tailor messages, offers, and communication channels based on specific persona traits to optimize engagement and conversion.

Integrating Personas into Your Company Culture: Recognize the importance of incorporating personas into your company's culture and processes. Explore strategies to disseminate persona understanding throughout all levels of the organization, foster empathy towards customers, and align business initiatives with market needs.

Your instructor

Marie-Elyse Forget, experte en pédagogie et figure influente dans le développement des affaires, offre des formations interactives et dynamiques qui stimulent l'apprentissage. Son approche méticuleuse dans le marketing stratégique et les relations d'affaires garantit la satisfaction et la fidélité des clients. Avec des collaborations prestigieuses, notamment avec HEC Montréal, l'Université McGill et d'autres organisations renommées, Marie-Elyse apporte une expertise éprouvée pour inspirer la croissance et le succès de votre entreprise.

"Marie-Elyse makes you discover an up-to date trend in marketing strategy and is a great source of inspiration. She is very enthusiastic and has in store many astute ways and ideas to highlight your potential. Without a doubt, your next stop if you wish to refurbish your marketing tools."

Benoit Goyer, VP Priority Accounts, Intelcan

Are you ready to transform your understanding and reach of your audience? Let's dive together into the world of personas, where revealing your audience becomes the catalyst for your marketing success.

Our custom training sessions are delivered via webinar, at your business, or at our offices at 1200 Saint-Martin West, Laval.

The training is available in conference format, half-day, or full-day sessions. Interactive case exercises, group discussions, and practical exercises for immediate application are included.

Choose Octaza Marketing for training that inspires action.

These training sessions may be eligible for Emploi Québec subsidies. Our instructor is certified by the Commission des partenaires du marché du travail (Loi du 1%).

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