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Mindset: The Key to Business Development Performance

Have you considered how much mindset can influence sales performance? Fears and negative perceptions can become real obstacles. Excellent sales performance starts with our mindset!

Your Course

Discover how fears and negative perceptions can hinder your success in sales, and learn to transform your mindset to achieve exceptional results.

Throughout this training, participants will be encouraged to engage in introspection to identify internal obstacles that limit their potential. They will also explore what it truly means to be a "good salesperson" and overcome the fear of assuming this role with confidence.

Finally, each participant will craft a personalized positive affirmation to guide their daily approach to business development. Join us to transform your mindset and unlock your full potential in sales!

Who is it for?

This training is designed for any professional or entrepreneur looking to enhance their sales performance by gaining confidence while remaining authentic.

What you will accomplish

-Explore your fears and limiting beliefs to understand your mental obstacles.
-Cultivate positive thinking and self-confidence for exceptional performance.
-Provide tools to overcome mental obstacles and achieve sales goals.

Course Content

The Importance of Good Intentions and Authenticity in Sales: Understanding authentic intention and customer-centricity. Exploring strategies to develop a sales approach aligned with our ethical and honest values.

Introspection on Limiting and Empowering Beliefs: Identifying beliefs that hinder success in sales and learning how to transform them. Developing empowering beliefs and boosting self-confidence to achieve sales goals.

Exploring Key Skills and the Ideal Mindset for Business Development: Analyzing essential skills needed for success in business development.

Workshop: Building Your Business Development Mindset: Putting concepts into practice by building a positive and proactive mindset. Developing personalized strategies to cultivate a mindset conducive to success in business development.

Your instructor

Marie-Elyse Forget, experte en pédagogie et figure influente dans le développement des affaires, offre des formations interactives et dynamiques qui stimulent l'apprentissage. Son approche méticuleuse dans le marketing stratégique et les relations d'affaires garantit la satisfaction et la fidélité des clients. Avec des collaborations prestigieuses, notamment avec HEC Montréal, l'Université McGill et d'autres organisations renommées, Marie-Elyse apporte une expertise éprouvée pour inspirer la croissance et le succès de votre entreprise.

"I attended a training session with Marie-Élyse; she is excellent at adapting her content to a context that isn't purely marketing. Enthusiastic, creative, warm, and passionate describe this professional very well. Thank you!!"

Cassandre Potvin, Migration Agent, Place aux jeunes en région

Join us to transform your mindset and unleash your full potential in the field of sales!

Our custom training sessions are delivered via webinar, at your business, or at our offices at 1200 Saint-Martin West, Laval.

The training is available in conference format, half-day, or full-day sessions. Interactive case exercises, group discussions, and practical exercises for immediate application are included.

Choose Octaza Marketing for training that inspires action.

These training sessions may be eligible for Emploi Québec subsidies. Our instructor is certified by the Commission des partenaires du marché du travail (Loi du 1%).

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