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Segmentation and targeting audit, creation of an archetypal persona

Obtaining positive results following a marketing tactic depends first and foremost on the quality of the upstream marketing strategy.

Stop your useless efforts, and opt for a strategy that will bring you lasting results.

Maximize your marketing ROI, make better choices

Issues addressed

Marketing initiatives do not produce the desired results or these results are not sustainable.

You don't know your typical consumer well. 

You have not identified your typical consumer in terms of potential profitability.

How ?

Needs based segmentation of your market.

Analysis of the potential profitability of the identified segments.

Support in choosing a target.

Construction of a buyer archetypal persona.


An optimal return on investment of your marketing initiatives.

A better knowledge of your typical consumer that will allow you to make better decisions.

LASTING results.

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Why create an archetypal persona?

Make sense of data and hypotheses

First, personas will help you make sense of the data you collect; it will conceptualize the knowledge and assumptions you have about your target audience. When you collect a large amount of information, it can be normal to feel lost; the persona will take you out of your confusion and make sense of everything you know as well as everything you want to know.


Stimulate creativity and the ability to innovate

Creativity and innovation is not just about novelty, it's also about relevance. “In business, innovation is something new or significantly improved, done by a company to create added value either directly for the company or indirectly for its customers. (Business Council of Australia, 1993) The creative solution must not only be new, it must also lead to success. The capacity to innovate therefore depends on the understanding of consumers, of the context and of the company's capacities.

But still… It's all well and good to have the information, but how to translate it in order to extract the winning innovative idea?

This is where synthesis, conceptualization and the importance of making connections come into play. The persona is a tool for summarizing and interpreting information, so it increases our ability to innovate.

Encourage interest and empathy towards your target audience

It also serves to create interest and empathy towards your target audience and develop a language that they will like and understand. I worked with a group of students in the past and we created a persona called Johnny. In our daily life, we talked about Johnny: Johnny was in our team meetings, he was part of our discussions and reflections… We really felt like we knew him, this Johnny! We had an easy time understanding his needs, what he was going through, we were able to imagine how he felt in many different situations. It was also easy to imagine how Johnny will react when a unexpected situation arises because you really feel like you understand him.


Make better marketing decisions

Ultimately, the persona helps us make better marketing decisions. The persona will answer all your marketing questions; questions as simple as at what time of day should I interact with my consumer, on which platform, through which communication channel, which product could meet their needs, how can I best address their difficulties, respond to their specific needs, and much more!

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