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Marketing strategy

Getting positive results from a marketing tactic depends first and foremost on the quality of the upstream marketing strategy.

Stop your unnecessary efforts, and opt for a strategy that will bring you lasting results.

Issues addressed

Marketing initiatives are not producing the desired results.

Marketing initiatives produce important results, but are not sustainable.

How? 'Or' What ?

Market analysis

Persona and customer journey

Segmentation, targeting, positioning

Competitive analysis

Analysis of the external environment and context

Conceptualizing the value proposition

Surveys, interviews, focus groups, brainstorming sessions,


A "relevance compass" that will allow you to strategically align with:

  • Your target audience
    (their needs and habits)

  • Your context

  • Your business

  • Your goals


Case study


Para-medical clinic

The client is a new clinic in medical care (osteopathy, massage therapy, acuponcture)

They put a lot of effort and investment into marketing their clinic. On the other hand, they fail to develop a loyal clientele.


No return on investment

Current customer marketing initiatives

  1. Bring no results

  2. Bring short-term results, but new customers don't stay. They are unable to retain their customers.


The tools used

The "content pillars"

The M48 Consultation team carried out a brainstorming session on market segmentation and the selection of a target audience as well as the conceptualization of a customer journey. With the customer journey, we analyze each step of the decision-making process of a typical customer, from the moment they realize they need something to the very end of the service received.

The customer journey analysis allowed us to determine that when a customer needs this type of service, they do a Google search first and rely primarily on Google Maps.

We concluded (among other things) that it would be relevant to invest in search engine optimization (SEO) rather than investing in aggressive marketing initiatives such as "Groupon" or advertising in local magazines.



Hit the right points with a "relevance compass"

We have delivered the client a "relevance compass" so the client can stay aligned every time they make a decision.

The relevance compass includes the key elements concerning the market, the context, the target audience (and its background), the company (its strengths and weaknesses), its positioning and its "branding"

What the customer thought

On the right path

“As a business owner, I have to think about so many things at the same time… It really isn't because I didn't want to put time into marketing, I put so much effort and money into it.

Marie-Elyse and her team have allowed us to ensure that the tactics chosen from now on will be relevant and will allow us to stay aligned with what is really important. "

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