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Pitch For the Purse Application (English Only)

My application for #pitchforthepurse Forum for Women Entrepreneurs (FWE). What do you think ?

Here's my story

Marie-Elyse Forget is also a part time university level Lecturer in marketing (currently at HEC Montréal), passionate about Brazilian dance / martial arts and mother of two. She volunteers at Femmessor contributing to the success of women entrepreneurs in Quebec. This project allows women entrepreneurs funded through Femmessor to benefit from free private consulting services.

She launched M48 Consulting on March 13th, 2020, a date that was planned a few months ahead of time. That date was also the exact day the province of Quebec announced complete lockdown, leaving her with no clients and two toddlers to care for full time. Marie-Elyse persevered, worked on nights and weekends to create content and work on her company's foundations, and signed her first contract on her birthday, April 25th 2020. She has been having new clients ever since.


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