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Communications planning

Getting positive results from a marketing tactic depends first and foremost on the quality of the upstream marketing strategy.

Stop your unnecessary efforts, and opt for a strategy that will bring you lasting results.

Issues addressed

You have a communication project, goals and a clear context, but you don't know which element to emphasize in order to have the maximum impact.

How? 'Or' What ?

Analysis of the communication target

Positioning and targeting analysis

Persona creation

Research on best practices in your industry

Summary of the company's marketing material

Analysis of your desired and actual branding image

Interviews, focus groups, brainstorming sessions


Determine THE key messages and consumer insight that will allow you to have the maximum impact.

Assist you in creating the content and context of your message.

Case study


A software creation company

The client has partners around the world, which he visits frequently in regular times. Because of the pandemic, he has to stop visits.

They would like to produce a video in order to stay close to their customers.


What to talk about?

The customer has several ideas in mind in terms of messages to convey, but they do not know which to prioritize in order to have the maximum impact.


Where several areas of expertise make a real difference

We did an analysis of the company and its industry.

Since this is a B2B business, we did not conduct interviews with its customers. Instead, we interviewed the sales force to find out as much as possible about their customers.

The research allowed us to determine their key messages.

We worked with our copywriting partner to write a final script.

We also involved a public speaking expert, Annie Bienvenue, to emphasize the right messages during the presentation.


A script

We delivered a script to the client to shoot their video.

What the customer thought

A profitable investment on several levels!

"We are very impressed with the quality of the script that was delivered to us . We are also reusing several sentences of this text in our email communications and our marketing materials."

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